This comedic and heart warming story follows Graham Chili, a country boy from Texas who has just moved to New York City to follow his dreams as a wall street stock broker by day and a cabaret singer by night. Looking to make friends and connect with his new surroundings in the spirit of his hometown "mega church capital," and fresh off the bus in Timesquare, he enters a Manhattan Mega church in search of the "choir practice" room. Instead he erroneously stumbles upon four different 12 step addiction meetings going on in the church basement that divert his attention, inspire his love life, and creates new friends and life realizations!

With the celebratory satirical and witty success of the hit Broadway show "Book of Mormon," 12 Steps similarly both entertains and educates also with light parody, both using the popularity and the mystery of the infamous self help program without mockery, but with clever direction and understanding using humor, gentleness, and ingenuity. Hit songs in the show include "Making Amends," "Everyone is Addicted to Something," "We Are All One," and "Higher Power!"

Whether you are in recovery or not, familiar with the 12 Steps or not, know an addict, love an addict, are an addict, or were NEVER an addict, YOU will ENJOY this show! In the end, it will leave you with a positive message about overcoming and the struggles with addiction, self acceptance/discovery, and a positive message about love and healing!

**DISCLAIMER This show is not produced by, nor endorsed by any official 12 Step meeting group, or organization. All content in the show is fictional and based on personal experiences and interpretation. **Show is not for children under 16 due to adult themes and language.

Lyrics, script, and songs by: Elise Maurine Milner
1st production, directed by: Elise Maurine Milner
1st production, assistant director/stage manager: Dahlia Barakat
1st production, choreography by: Vanessa Long
1st production, musical director: Emily Goggin
Music: Composed, Arranged, Orchestrated, and Engineered/Mixed by: Dillon M. DeRosa